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S. Moyn: Did Chritaianity Create Liberalism?
S. Shapin: The Virtue of Scientific Thinking.
B. Leiter: What Marxist Ideology Can Set in Motion?
The Stuff of Proof. Penelope Maddy interviewed by Richard Marshall.
Unruly Words. Diana Raffman interviewed by Richard Marshall.  
Love ain’t no drug, it’s a syndrome: A Q&A with philosopher Ronald de Sousa.
J. G. Messersly: Epictetus: What Can We Control?
E. Schwitzgebel: Two Arguments for AI (or Robot) Rights: The No-Relevant-Difference Argument and the Simulation Argument.
E. Schwitzgebel: How Robots and Monsters Might Break Human Moral Systems.
E. Schwitzgebel: Why I Deny (Strong Versions of) Descriptive Cultural Moral Relativism.
E. Schwitzgebel: Depressive Thinking Styles and Philosophy.
P. Singer: The abuse of animals won’t stop until we stop eating meat.
A. Gopnik: The Dangers of Believing That Talent Is Innate. 
R. Ratcliffe, C. Shaw: 'Philosophy is for posh, white boys with trust funds' – why are there so few women? 
M. Pigliucci: How to Be a Stoic.
D. Di Cesare: Heidegger - “Jews Self-destructed”. 
A. Andreou: Anti-homeless spikes: ‘Sleeping rough opened my eyes to the city’s barbed cruelty'.
Y. Varoufakis: No Time For Games In Europe.
M. Fisher: 9 questions about Saudi Arabia you were too embarrassed to ask.