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A. Zohny: The utilitarian's guide to the FIFA World Cup.
B. Blum: The lifespan of a lie.
A. Goldhill: What happened when philosophers set up a public booth to answer anyone’s question.
R. A. Wilson: Eugenics never went away.
S. Rabinovitch: What is wrong with tolerance?
M. Guesgen: Animal pain is about communication, not just feeling.
A. Ciaunica, J. Charlton: When the self slips.
J. Bindel: Prostitution is slavery.
E. Uranga: The philosophy of Mexicanness.
R. Meiksins: Effective altruism: a new movement, or another failed philanthropic proposition repurposed?
Aristotelian Plato, mathematical Pythagoreanism, and the origins of philosophy - an interview with Phil Horky.
What is it like to be a philosopher? An interview with Helen de Cruz.
B. O'Connor: Why doing nothing is one of the most important things you can do.
B. W. van Norden: The ignorant do not have a right to an audience.
P. Worley: A school of thought: Why British pupils should study philosophy.
P. Chrysopoulos: Eat Like an Ancient Greek Philosopher: The Aristotle Menu.