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C. Leget, P. Borry, R. de Vries: 'Nobody Tosses a Dwarf!' The Relation Between the Empirical and the Normative Reeamined. (pdf)
M. Stewart: The Management Myth. (pdf)
D. V. Johnson: Revolutionizing Ethics.
E. Schwitzgebel: Do Ethics Classes Influence Students' Moral Behavior?
A. T. Moore, E. Schwitzgebel: The Experience of Reading: Imagery, Inner Speech, and Seeing the Words on the Page.
E. Schwitzgebel: The Moral Behavior of Ethics Professors and the Role of the Philosopher. 
A. Rosenberg: Free Markets and the Myth of Earned Inequalities.
A. Rosenberg, T. Curtain: What Is Economics Good For?
N. Beckstead, P. Singer, M, Wage: Preventing Human Extinction.
P. Krugman: Phony Fear Factor.
M. Berman: The Forgotten Martin Luther King: A Radical Anti-War Leftist.
J. Hamblin: Everything There Is to Know About Science in 6 Seconds.
M. Garber: How Google's Autocomplete Was ... Created / Invented / Born.
J. Koelman: Who Is Today's Einstein? An Exercise In Ranking Scientists.
Chris Hedges interviews Julian Assange.
Preoccupying. An Interview with David Harvey.
H. Haslanger: Women In Philosophy? Do the Math?
Deflationism and Wittgenstein. Richard Marshall interviews Paul Horwich. 
Sir Giggleton: Foucault On Obscurantism: ‘They Made Me Do It!’.
 L. M. Alcoff: What's Wrong With Philosophy?

Jacob Appelbaum at Not My Department.
M. Rowlands: Can Animals Be Moral?

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