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J. L. Bermúdez: 'Donald Davidson on Truth, Meaning and the Mental' by Gerhard Preyer (Ed.).
J. Saul: Women in philosophy.
H. De Cruz: Are philosophers more biased than other academics?
E. Schwitzgebel: The Spatial Location of Inner Speech. 
E. Schwitzgebel: Against One True Kant.
E. Schwitzgebel: The Coolest of All Possible Worlds (a Theodicy for the 21st Century).
E. Schwitzgebel: How to Give $1 Million a Year to Philosophers.
R. Yetter Chappell: Immoral Nihilism?
C. Korsgaard: Getting Animals in View.
A. C. Lee: Is Poetry Good for Pigs?
N. Chomsky: Corporations and the Richest Americans Viscerally Oppose Common Good.
G. Gutting: Mary and the Zombies: Can Science Explain Consciousness?
J. Schuessler: Worlds in Collision: After Tangle Over Physicist’s Book, Philosopher’s Invitation to a Debate Is Withdrawn.
C. Hedges: The Shame of America's Gulag.
M. Peterson: An Introduction to Decision Theory. (fragment)

M. Levitt: Genes, environment and responsibility for behaviour.
The Conscious Brain: How Attention Engenders Experience. An Interview with Jesse Prinz.

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