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N. Chomsky: Fantasies.
Ch. Hedges: The Cancer in Occupy.
D. Graeber: Concerning the Violent Peace-Police.
S. Smilansky: Free Will: Some Bad News. (pdf)
S. Smilansky: The Ethical Advantages of Hard Determinism. (pdf)
K. D. Vohs, J. W. Schooler: The Value of Believing in Free Will. (pdf)
C. Ginet: In Defense of the Principle of Alternative Possibilities: Why I Don't Find Frankfurt's Argument Convincing.
S. M. Shell: Kant's Concept of Human Dignity as a Resource for Bioethics.
S. Ward: A Machiavellian Guide to Destroying Public Universities in 12 Easy Steps.
G. Orwell: Politics and the English Language.
J. Rachels: Do Animals Have Rights? (pdf)
M. Pigliucci, M. Boudry: The Dangers of Pseudoscience.
D. Papineau: Restoring F. P. Ramsey.
M. Vargas: Deprivation and Moral Ecology. 
M. Vargas: Monographs and citation patterns, 1980-2010.
M. Vargas: Ways of making the compatibility debate mostly irrelevant. 
E. Schwitzgebel: An Argument That the Ideal Jerk Must Remain Ignorant of His Jerkitude.
E. Schwitzgebel: On the Intrinsic Value of Moral Reflection.  
A. Srinivasan: Questions for Free-Market Moralists.
J. Hochschartner: Socialists And The Animal Question. 
A. Almossawi; An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments.
J. Stanley, J. W. Krakauer: Is the ‘Dumb Jock’ Really a Nerd?

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