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P. Reiner: Experimental Neuroethics.
D. Leben: Experiments on Moral Internalism.
G. Monbiot: Why I'm eating my words on veganism – again.
T. Nadelhoffer: Meat Eating and the Moral Burden of Proof.
J. O'Grady: Arthur Danto obituary.
C. Sartwell: The School of Arthur Danto. 
A. de la Fuente: A Lesson form Cuba on Race. 
N. Chomsky: Why the Rest of the World No Longer Wants to be Like U.S.
D. Føllesdal: Analytic philosophy: What is it and why should one engage in it?
M. Strevens: Looking Into the Black Box. 
K. McKenzie: 'Basic Structures of Reality: Essays in Meta-Physics', by Colin McGinn. 
A. Shapiro: A drop in the sea. 
O. O'Neill: Principled autonomy. (pdf)
P. Łuków: Moralne zło choroby. 
J. Haidt, F. Bjorklund: Social intuitionists answer six questions about moral psychology. 
A. Waytz: 'Moral Tribes' by Joshua Greene. 
T. Nagel: You Can't Learn About Morality from Brain Scans.
J. Knobe: What Has Experimental Philosophy Discovered about Expert Intuitions?
A. Feltz: Predicting Disagreement: Strange Fictions in X-Phi.
C. Coseru: NeuroBuddhism and X-phi.

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