piątek, 8 lutego 2019

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T. Williamson: In the post-truth world, we need to remember the philosophy of science. 
E. O. Wright: On the Art of Goofiness.
S. Wichmann:Why languages and dialects really are different animals.
A. Byrne: What is gender identity?
G. Greenwald, M. Hussein: The NSA's new partner in spying: Saudi Arabia's brutal state police.
A. Murphy: He's not the guy on Quaker Oats, he's much more interesting.
S. Parkin: Has dopamine got us hooked on tech?
S. Kuper: Edward Snowden and the millenial conscience. 
Is reality an illusion? Gerard 't Hooft, Chiara Marletto, and Chris Timpson reassess the idea of an objective physical reality.
M. Alexander: Time to break the silence on Palestine.
Y. Munayyer: The hypocrisy of anti-BDS laws is a slap in the face of Palestinians.
C. Gibbons: Free speech is a left-wing value.
C. Misak: Philosophy must be useful.
M. Hasan: Mike Pompeo Lied About the U.S. and the Middle East. Here’s the Truth.
J. Rapley: Economics as a moral tale.
E. Browning: As Xenophon saw it.
C. C. Sahner: Islam spread through the Christian world via the bedroom. 
J. McMahan: I was no-platformed. Here's why it's counterproductive.
The Journal of Controversial Ideas: An Interview with Jeff McMahan and Francesca Minerva.
J. Schwenkler: Remembering Gary Gutting.

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