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D. Ost: “I Didn’t Sit Eight and a Half Years in Jail to Build Capitalism”.
N. Maxwell: Natural philosophy redux.
Q. Cassam: What are conspiracy theories? 
B. Kahn: Everything Is Fucked, Major New Extinction Report Finds. 
B. A. Wurgraft: Biotech Cockaigne of the Vegan Hopeful.
D. Wilkinson: Are avocados and almonds vegan? Here's why some say no.
W. Kymlicka: Human supremacism: why are animal rights activists still the “orphans of the left”?
L. Marino: Eating someone.
J. E. H. Smith: If reason exists without deliberation, it cannot be uniquely human.  
D. Matthews: Ranking celebrity chef cookbooks ... by how many animals their recipes kill.
D. Moon: Why Do Some Green Activists Eat Meat? 
E. Schliesser: PPE as Synthetic Philosophy (or synthetic science).
Compression plagiarism: An “under-recognized variety” that software will miss. An interview with Michael Dougherty.
J. Weinberg: The Varied Careers of Philosophy Majors.
P. A. Coclanis: Too much theory leads economists to bad predictions.
P. Oborne: The dangerous philosophy of Sir Roger Scruton.
M. Abelson: Democrats Cozy Up to Wall Street While Shunning Corporate Cash.
B. Caplan: You Have No Right to Your Culture.
A. Shahshahani: Iran is my home and the US helped destroy it. Now Trump's war hawks want to finish the job.
N. Chomsky: We Must Stop War with Iran Before It’s Too Late.
M. Taibbi: Julian Assange Must Never Be Extradited. 
J. Risen: The Indictment of Julian Assange Under the Espionage Act Is a Threat to the Press and the American People.
A. Beckett: Fully Automated Luxury Communism by Aaron Bastani – a manifesto for the future.
N. J. Robinson: The World's Most Annoying Man.
J. M. Katz: Who Was Naive About Bernie Sanders Meeting the Sandinistas?
R. Cooper: Americans should be very concerned about Bernie Sanders' record of opposing mass murder. 
N. J. Robinson: Why I love the D.S.A.
B. Streumer: What If There’s Nothing You Should Do?
B. Studebaker: How The Left Should Think About The Trade?
E. Picciuto: Why We Feel for Fictional Characters.
R. Rini: The last mortals. 
Yes, Determinists, There Is Free Will. Christian List interviewed by George Musser.
E. Schwitzgebel: Science Fiction as Philosophy.
B. Weatherson: How to get on with your political enemies.
E. Schliesser: On Weatherson on Political Principles.
W. Parker: We need worms.

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